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Can you monitor my existing cameras?

In most cases, YES! We simply need to do a site evaluation to ensure image quality and the manufacturer are compatible with our monitoring service

Do you monitor 24/7?

We monitor based on your request. We will cover you whether your site requires monitoring for 2 or 24 hours a day.

How many cameras can you monitor?

As many or as little as you need.

Can I see camera footage on my phone?

Yes, our solutions are compatible across most platforms. Such as; iOS, Android, Windows or Mac.

Do I need power onsite for your units?

We have multiple solutions for different cases. Some units require 110v and some units are 100% solar and self-sustaining.

Do I get insurance discounts?

In most cases, YES! We will provide you with a certificate of installation for the site video monitoring service for you to provide to your insurance company.

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