Offering Peace of Mind to clients throughout the Texas Gulf Coast.

Your businesses may run smoothly when you're open, but after hours they are vulnerable to vandalism, breaking and entering, or breaches of company policy.

Fortunately, with routine vehicle patrol services from S&S Investigations & Security Inc., you can minimize your risk and rest assured that your property is under the watchful eye of one of our certified security officers. Our patrol units consist of a marked security car and uniformed officer to act as a deterrent for any potential perpetrators.


Security service for any budget

S&S vehicle patrols are one of the most cost-effective security services we offer. If an on-site security officer is out of your budget or unnecessary for your business or home security needs, we can still maintain a presence that discourages illegal activity on or near your property. Our drive-by checks are electronically monitored to document the exact time of each patrol, along with any security issues or suspect activity that we observe. As with all of our services, both you and local law enforcement will be notified immediately in the case of any illegal activity on your property.

Don't let your home or business fall
victim to criminal behavior

Enlist in our security services to monitor your property when you're not around. Everyone deserves to sleep well at night, so let our team give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

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