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S&S Investigations & Security Inc. designs, installs, monitors in real-time and provides ongoing services and security solutions for any type of client.

Traditional security systems are reactive, waiting for an alarm to be triggered before taking action. With a reactive security system, police often are not alerted of criminals on your property until it is too late. Having a reactive security system often results in false calls, delayed police response time, and opens the door to more significant opportunities for criminals to successfully complete their mission.


S&S Investigations & Security Inc. takes a proactive approach to security with surveillance and real-time monitoring.

Our highly trained staff monitors key areas of your property to help prevent crimes before they happen. We don't wait for alarms. We watch and evaluate suspicious activity in real time. Our operators use speakers to ward off and discourage unwanted trespassers from coming on to your property. Our video monitoring allows us to call the police with live reports on criminals before they break in or do any damage.

Surveillance Services

Are you tired of doing your own video searches?

S&S Investigations & Security Inc. has a department dedicated to reviewing all of our clients' video surveillance to provide an appropriate summarization of recorded events with any available police report data. S&S Investigations & Security's video review department helps save clients time and money by providing customized reporting to deliver video evidence.